Saturday, February 1, 2014

Never forget to...

"Don't ever forget to love." 
- St. Maximilian Kolbe

We all have those times when we are struggling to be happy.

Struggling not to just melt down. Struggling not to snap back at whoever says the wrong thing at the wrong time. Struggling to not despair when your heart breaks or when your life is unexpectedly turned upside down. Struggling not to be mad at those who don't understand, or yourself, or God.

Sometimes it is hard not to be just plain mad or upset at the world when you fail to do things that are important to you or fail to be loyal to things you are committed to, whether it is in your control or not.

When one is hurt, angry, irritated or frustrated, among the whirlwind of many emotions, one very important thing is missing.


The past month has been an extreme test of happiness for this lil' bluebird...

Not too long ago I came across this quote by St. Maximilian Kolbe and it definitely hit me hard. When my struggles affect my actions and behavior toward others, causing ill-feelings toward them, what is missing? When my temper is awfully short regardless of if I were provoked or not, what is missing? When I choose to react with anger or sadness when I have to deal with something unpleasant, instead of choosing to take it cheerfully and decide to be happy, what is missing? 

In all of these situations, I am making the choice not to love. Choosing not to love God for bringing me to that point, choosing not to love others, and choosing not to love myself. 

I am choosing the easy way out. I am choosing sin. 

I am forgetting to love.

Day in and day out, we are all tempted in some way or another, to forget to love. 

In Sirach, part of Chapter 7, verse 21 states, "Let your soul love..." When I forget to love, and choose hatred and sin, I am not letting my soul love. 

Think about that.

I am not letting my soul love. 

Every day ask yourself if you are letting your soul love. 

Am I loving myself? 

Am I loving each and every person I speak to or am surrounded by? 

Am I loving God, my loving Father? 

Con amore in Cristo,


  1. <3 this and you, dear! Thanks for the reminder
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