Sunday, March 8, 2015

Learn All You Can

This is a page from my journal 12 years ago, I believe I was quoting the Baltimore Catechism. I recently came across it again, and it's truth is just as prevalent as ever in my life right now. Reading it again prompted me to ask myself some serious questions...

Am I taking my faith seriously? 
Am I learning all I can? 
Do I love God more than myself? 
Do I love others for the sake of the love of God? 

These are questions that need to be asked every day. It's so easy to forget what matters most and get caught up in the hectic agendas of our lives. It doesn't take much for us to become preoccupied in our own little worlds and not see the bigger picture, or the purpose of things, or all those around us whom we should be loving and not ignoring. Each day we are either getting closer or further from heaven - now that is an adventure of a life time! How can it be put on the back burner?

Each of these questions are something I think are perfect for asking ourselves especially during the season of Lent. Learn all you can...

Con amore in Cristo,