Sunday, December 21, 2014

Some Reflections this Advent

Every Advent and Christmas season, I am reminded of just how incredible it is that the King of Kings, my God and Savior, took on human nature, came down from Heaven to live among us, and died for our sins. It is mind-blowing to think about how much love Jesus has for each of us, to do such a thing. The past few years, whenever I reflect on this topic over the Christmas season, I discover a new connection made between God and I. 

Reflecting on His immense humility and love to do this for each of us individually draws me closer and closer to Him. Think about it, Christ left His beautiful heavenly home to live among humans surrounded by the stench of sin. He was willing to set his visible kingship and glory aside, in order to live on earth. He was willing to suffer with us, work with us, form friendships with us, and teach us. He was willing to accept all our injustices toward Him, all our lack of love, and all our insults, out of pure love for us. What humility! Have you ever heard of a more humble king? 

Each time I think of the powerful mystery of the Nativity, I cannot help but want to love Jesus more in return. Jesus did not enter into the world like the Jews always thought the Messiah would. Christ began His mission as a small, innocent, helpless baby boy, born in a stable. A baby boy! This extraordinary form of humility draws my heart straight to Him with increasing force. Not only did Christ entrust Himself to Mary and Joseph’s care, but He also allowed Himself, our God, to be taught as a young child by His parents and other adults in His life. He was humble, obedient and vulnerable.  Out of love for us, Christ made Himself vulnerable to us. 

The more I ponder on this concept of our beautiful Catholic faith, the more I am put in awe. Have you ever heard of a god doing such a thing? Jesus lowered Himself to take on human nature and be like His creatures. As human beings, we are made from dust, distorted from sin, we are miserable and nothing without our God. Can you imagine our God choosing this in order to save us and prove His love for us? Well He did it, and how undeserving we are. Christ did not end there, for three years of His missionary life, with great humility and love He taught us the Truth of His Heavenly Father. He then did the most perfect act of love for the whole world. He suffered and died from the most excruciating torture in the history of mankind for our sake, that we be saved from the clutches of sin to become His brothers and sisters. 

Lately I have been meditating more on the Sorrowful Mysteries while reciting the rosary. I have become more and more overwhelmed at the amount of humility and love Christ had for us by suffering the passion for our salvation. I highly encourage others to meditate on the Sorrowful Mysteries and connect with Jesus on a deeper level; it is truly a profound experience. Meditating on the birth of our Lord over the Christmas holiday is also such a beautiful way to connect with Christ personally. By the incarnation of Jesus, the word became flesh, and God’s love was made visible. 

I think St. Alphonsus comments on this subject beautifully, “I think God must have said to Himself: Man does not love Me because he does not see Me; I will show Myself to him and thus make him love Me. God’s love for man was very great, and had been great from all eternity, but this love had not yet become visible…Then, it really appeared; the Son of God let Himself be seen as a tiny Babe in a stable, lying on a little straw.” 

This Advent and Christmas, I hope you will take some time amongst the business of the season to genuinely sit down and think about this topic and reflect on what Christ’s actions of sacrificial love really means. He did this for you, individually, in hope that you might accept His love for you, and love Him back, in order that He can deepen His relationship with you. There is nothing He wants more than that.

Con amore in Cristo,

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