Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Endless Echoes

"Kind words are short and easy to speak,
 but their echoes are truly endless." 
- Blessed Mother Teresa

   On Monday, March 11th, in the late afternoon, one of my closest friends and I set out to pray at Planned Parenthood as part of the 40 Days For Life Campaign(Link:40 Days for Life). It was a rainy, cold, windy day, but God was definitely on our side!
   Toward the end of our rosary, a struggling, older man came trudging through the rain along side the road, passed by us, and I turned my head to look at him. He took a moment to thank us for what we were doing,

"Thank you for doing this, God bless you, thank you, you're out here not even wearing a hat! God bless you."

   Encouraging us with an enthusiastic smile, warming my heart in the cold rain. I thanked him, and we continued to pray. Through the rest of the hour, we received a good number of honks, because of the heavy traffic. We were still there as he silently passed us again, headed back the way he came. 
   At home later that day, I stumbled upon this quote by Blessed Mother Teresa and began to ponder about the earlier encounter. Although this man has had a difficult life, he has a soft heart and was willing to stop and express kindness before carrying on his way.
  I am convinced his kind words will echo endlessly in my heart, whether or not I remember that moment as time goes on. And, I am convinced that all those who witnessed my friend and I, have in some way been touched as well; producing more and more echoes. 
  I am always reminded of the truth of this quote, so I do plan on writing on it again, until then, I will leave you with this:
  If you wish to say something sweet to someone, encourage them, or any other act of kindness (especially when it is least expected), do it! It may seem small and of little importance at the time, but Blessed Mother Teresa is spot on, the echoes produced will truly carry on... 

Con amore in Cristo,

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