Friday, March 22, 2013

Pregnancy Help Clinic Video Trailer

Pregnancy Help Clinic will be publishing an Educational Video in April, 2013. Below is the trailer, produced by Bluebird Productions! First project - one step closer to being finished! (:

Please share this trailer in order for the Official Video to have a large audience for its release! 
Thank you! 

The Trailer can be viewed on YouTube below. Please turn up your volume and change the setting quality to HD!

Back in late October, I stepped through the Pregnancy Help Clinic doors for the first time. I had always known of them but was  interested in becoming more involved and working with them on media/communication projects. I received a warm welcome by all the volunteers and a full tour of the beautiful building. It was an amazing experience. Now, I try to volunteer there as a receptionist once a week, and I am also the director for their upcoming Educational Video. (which will be released to the public next month). Every time I am there, I am blown away by the amount of loving support that is overflowing inside! Pregnancy Help Clinic really does provide women with real help and options.

I believe Pregnancy Help Clinic is truly pivotal in our community, and its worth is immeasurable!

Pregnancy Help Clinic is a limited medical facility licensed by the State of Michigan which provides entirely free and confidential help to girls and women facing an unplanned pregnancy. They offer material support, professional counseling, and an "Earn While You Learn" education program for those in need of help to support their child. There are registered nurses and caring mentors always available to help.

Medical services include:
Free Pregnancy Testing
Free Ultrasound
Free nurse consultation
Free HIV testing
Free STD/STI testing

The Mission of Pregnancy Help Clinic is to help people in our community make informed decisions regarding sexuality and reproductive health. 

To my surprise, my grandmother is one of the seven women who founded Pregnancy Help Clinic in 1975, making me all the more ecstatic about being a part of this fantastic organization. I am so proud of my grandma and all of the incredible people who work there. 

You can find more information about Pregnancy Help Clinic by visiting their website: Here
Or on Facebook Here.

Please keep Pregnancy Help Clinic and all those who make its services possible in your prayers. And keep your eye out for Pregnancy Help Clinic's first ever Educational Video release! 

Con amore in Cristo,
Bluebird Productions
   A.M.D.G Media

(The information in this post was taken from the Pregnancy Help Clinic Brochure) 

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