Monday, July 7, 2014

New Beginnings

Bellezza Nascosta

"It is time for new things",
 whispers a weary and wounded heart, 
in search of her renewed self,
waiting to bloom. 
"Is a fresh start always, 
exhilarating, jubilant, filled with sweet serenity?"
asks this sorrowed soul. 
"Not always, my darling." 
answers her Beloved.
"It will cause much woe for Me to remold you.
It will take 
all your trust, 
all your strength,
all your love. 
Only until I finish weeding out the thorns,
and replacing all the tender and torn 
bouquets within the cage of your chest,
will the serenity begin to flow in."
With the hope of a child,
abandoning her lacerated heart,
she joins Him in the gashes of His own heart,
wishing to be of comfort in return.
"There is a hidden beauty in new beginnings,
Whether the means are met 
with tears of joy or tears of pain,
They are needed throughout time,
if you wish to be with Me."
"My heart longs for the happiness 
I once had" she murmurs in silent tears.
"Ah, My love, 
veiled within My Heart is more
than all the happiness 
you will ever need. 
If you stay with Me, you will 
always be renewed,
always be loved,
always be consoled 
amidst the battles of life."
Her Beloved begins to pull and replace
what had begun to cause her wounds.
"Please stop, do not take 
my old flowers away!" she cries in heartache.
"My darling, it is the only way 
for new ones to bloom.
It will hurt, but I must cut 
to the deepest burrows of your heart.
If there is no room for me, 
you cannot bloom again,
nor be your renewed self.
I cannot give the happiness I have for you,
unless you do one thing that I ask."
Clinging to her Beloved, she pleads for Him 
to reveal this divine wisdom.
Drawing her into Himself,
He answers,
"True happiness is found once you have found Me.
Once you have found me and stay within My Heart,
your heart will be in love.
In love with Me,
In love with others,
a heart that is in love.
A heart that is in love, bears the most pain, 
like My own Heart. 
It will not be an easy life, yet,
I shall be in you, and you in I."
Through her tears she smiles
 giving Him all of the lifeless bouquets 
tangled within her,
as well as her blistered and tattered heart.
In return He hands her
His own wounded and weary Heart.
Holding this precious gift,
She whispers with a new found voice,
"I am in love with You."


 The Sacred Heart of Jesus is an inexhaustible fountain and its sole desire is to pour itself out into the hearts of the humble so as to free them and prepare them to lead lives according to his good pleasure. 
- St. Margaret Mary Alacoque


  1. This sounds like something that'll be in a book of Catholic mystic writings if the saints or something :) Beautiful job :)

  2. You both are too sweet! Thank you so much.:)